Potential Courses

Moving forward, I'd like to know what kind of workshops/courses you'd pay for if I offer them via Skype: (a) Self-Publishing and Distribution: Getting your Book Published and Out There! (I have more than 33 books on Amazon and Kindle) (b) Mystical Meditation (I've been teaching this and having circles for more than 10 years and have numerous books on the subject) (c) The Spiritual Laws of the Universe (I have an oracle deck and books I've written about the Spiritual Laws, along with the affirmative prayer-treatments that go with each Law) (d) Divination (A fun course that teaches you the basics of the original I Ching, pendulum work, divination with playing cards and my personal favorite, the Tarot, which I've been working with since 1990. Also divination and meditation) (e) Reiki (Must be done in person if possible. I've been a practicing Reiki Grand Master for more than a dozen years; I have a book and CD on Amazon, "Master Reiki") (f) Close-Up Magic (I've been a busy, working professional stage and close-up magician since 1981, booked through many agents in every conceivable venue; I also had a TV -show for 9 years with many TV appearances as well. This course also includes, when the person is proficient enough, marketing oneself in an ever-competitive market) All the courses are once-a-week for 4-12 weeks, depending on the course, and must be pre-paid with PayPal. A certificate of completion is included.

Note: If you have any other ideas of what you'd like me to teach you, (editing video/audio, putting together a podcast or webcast) please let me know: dr.likey@gmail.com


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