The Law of Good

I picked The Law of Good from my Soul Oracle Card deck: Here is the affirmative prayer-treatment that goes with it:

I turn inward now, to that great Power that lies at the very centre and nucleus of my mind. That Infinite Wisdom, that Greater Good that lies within me, and infinitely beyond me.
So right here and right now, I turn away from the temporary world of exterior circumstances and effects to dwell within the Infinite Mind of possibilities. And these possibilities are endless and good. And they exist as light; and this light takes over me now, wrapping me in pure love, in pure peace, in security and in prosperity. I lean back into this great love, into this great Good that exists in me, and at the same time infinitely beyond me. This great Light, this greater Good extends now beyond my physical body: to the left of me, to the right of me; before me and behind me; out the top of my head and down through the soles of my feet ad-infinitum. This good reflects in the smiles of people and prosperous, loving circumstances around me; It reflects in the rain as well as the sunshine. It is Life; it is God; it is Good. I take a moment to rest in this feeling of peace and calm, before slowly opening my eyes and senses once again to the physical illusionary world that even now I am co-creating with my Greater good within me. I retain the feeling of peace, prosperity and confidence that all is well, and all is good this day, I release the Word now, letting It be so,
And So It Is!


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