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An Outstanding Spiritual Technology!

Affirmative Prayer-Treatments, along with Mystical Meditation and In-Visioning, are the essential spiritual technologies/tools used in New Thought/Metaphysics. Using Affirmative Prayer-Treatments daily to re-program one's unconscious mind, slow but sure the personal ego-will, negative-karma, negative self-esteem, and general pessimism will begin to transform and transmute into God's Universal Consciousness, peace, love, joy, and prosperity, thus encouraging one moving closer to living one's soul's purpose, and thus, happiness on a deeper, more permanent level. Enjoy these 56 transformative prayer-treatments in a brand-new 170-page paperback book by Dr. Michael! Includes a history, how to get the most of your prayer-treatments, and MUCH MORE! Purchase from Amazon:

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#ComingSoon @DrMichaelLikey 56 #PrayerTreatments, a history, how to get the most out of your prayer-treatments, and MUCH MORE!

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